Zoho SalesIQ’s Mobile App

Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile app: A doorbell for your website—get notified every time you have a visitor. Get Notified of every opportunity to close a deal.

Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile app now has the option to notify you every time a new or returning visitor lands on your website or app. This notification is displayed along with their name or Visitor ID—whichever is available.

If you’ve integrated your account with a CRM, the notification also displays if the visitor is a CRM lead, contact, or open potential. And if you have Clearbit integration, the notification displays the company name of the visitor.

If you don’t want to be notified of every visitor, you can easily set your visitor routing preferences to your liking.

There are few different scenarios like:

  • A startup with minimal website traffic
  • An ecommerce app with high cart abandonment
  • A sales team working with a CRM
  • A SaaS business targeting CTOs*
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