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Business challenges & drivers

  • Relying on a hodgepodge of Excel spreadsheets, sales staff were missing customer follow-ups and opportunities were slipping away
  • Managers got information about sales reps’ activity well after the fact and couldn’t track new opportunities
  • There was utter confusion with regards to follow ups and daily activities were often missed
  • No defined process for the sales acquisition cycle
  • Unable to track which of their products gave them more revenue


  • Sales Cloud: 5 licenses bought in PE gave them a central repository
  • Easy reporting on product performance and ROI calculation
  • Ease of sending bulk mailers for running Marketing Campaigns through the CRM
  • Create a defined working process from Lead submission to deal closure
  • Products & Services – end to end Sales process implemented
  • Data Import wizard customized as per the business process

Key Technologies / Assets:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Standardized data
  • Integration


  • Closes more sales and seizes more cross- and up-sell opportunities boosting revenues by 27%
  • Time-to-convert is slashed more than 30% by streamlining the sales cycle and improved follow ups
  • Sales productivity leaps as managers can see where reps should be focusing to close sales
  • Managers have immediate visibility of the sales pipeline and know who is working on what.
  • No follow-ups were missed
  • No opportunity fell through the cracks
  • Head of Sales could now run a single report to view his team activities throughout the day without Relationship Managers sending spreadsheets

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