Salesforce-Lightning Object Creator

Lightning Object Creator is a new platform service that boosts productivity by allowing any employee to quickly turn spreadsheets — such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Quip Spreadsheets, and comma-separated value (.csv) files — into modern, cloud-based apps with just a few clicks. Lightning Object Creator is currently in pilot and will be made generally available in the first half of 2019.

First of all, it is a cloud-hosted application, which means that Salesforce handles all of the underlying infrastructure. This includes things such as a focus on customer success and trust, and a secure, multi-tenant infrastructure that scales for every single customer around the world.

At the same time, Lighting Platform is a full low-code platform that empowers everyone to build apps fast, with each object supporting:

  • Collaboration, with a social feed built into every object
  • Instant mobility, with simple deployment across desktop and mobile devices
  • A configurable UI, including interface elements such as buttons, links, and actions, so that different users can have different, personalized experiences based on their business requirements
  • An open API, enabling integration and automation
  • Workflow and triggers, automating core business process execution with ease
  • Identity management and security, protecting access and providing role-based access controls
  • Pre-built reports and dashboards, adding business insights in from the start
  • Activity tracking and field history, enabling additional insight, control, and compliance
  • Global search, so end users can find what they are looking for
  • Custom relationships, letting you easily associate different objects via different relationship types for added value

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