Personalize Customer Service and Get More Business with Service Cloud

In today’s marketplace, companies struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors. Even when a company has one clear advantage, competitors can win over customers by providing them with outstanding customer service and customer experience.

How can you make your customer service stand out? Salesforce Service Cloud customer service software can propel you ahead of your competitors.

Service Cloud software helps you deliver more personalized customer service experiences — the kind that puts a smile on the faces of your customers. And when customers are happy, they provide repeat business, and they tell others about you, which boosts sales.

At the same time, Service Cloud saves time, reduces costs, and multiplies productivity by:

  • Automating service processes
  • Connecting with customers across multiple channels
  • Allowing customers to use any device
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Helping you respond to customers faster

What Can Pegasys and Salesforce Service Cloud Do for Me?

As Salesforce integration partners, we study your business process to figure out how to streamline, automate, and simplify Service Cloud for your organization. We map your processes to Salesforce current best practices to create a customized package that gets you the best results.

After mapping is complete, you receive a report with recommendations on how to:

  • Speed productivity: Automate service department processes and activities.
  • Streamline ticket management: Covers entire process from loading to closing tickets. The workflow will automatically assign tickets and escalate based on business requirements.
  • Build knowledge base: A knowledge base is valuable, but not when it’s outdated or hard to find the right information. Users will solve problems faster with an efficient knowledge base.
  • Know important metrics: Management will have access to reports and dashboards with the right information to track progress and effectiveness in closing tickets.
  • Customize Service Cloud interface: You’re not required to use Salesforce’s default layout. The console can be adapted to fit your business process including case history, account and contact information, and call scripts.

We Can Help You Supercharge Your Customer Service with Service Cloud

In addition to optimizing Service Cloud, our consultants can help you with Salesforce development and services including:

  • Integrate Salesforce: Heighten productivity by integrating other business-critical systems with Salesforce. Your employees can quickly access accounting, ERP, and other cloud and on-premise systems when integrated with Salesforce.
  • Customize Salesforce and Service Cloud: Get the case management information you need. We can customize Case Types, Case Status, and other important information for case management based on your requirements.
  • Train employees: Effective training leads to a faster ROI and higher user adoption. You can request customized training content and format (book, face-to-face, etc.)
  • Enhance Salesforce: With thousands of apps available from Salesforce AppExchange, we can make Salesforce work harder, so you don’t have to.
  • Migrate to Salesforce: Don’t start from scratch or deal with mixed up data. We can analyze, map, and import data into Salesforce from different CRM systems, databases, and spreadsheets.

Marketplace success requires delivering an omnichannel customer experience. What does that mean? It means your customers can connect with you on any channel — mobile included — and expect the same level of service. Salesforce Service Cloud makes this possible, too.
Frequently Asked Questions

What about my current data?

Your data can be migrated from its current platforms, such as legacy databases, spreadsheets, and different ticketing system. We can migrate the data and load it into Service Cloud, quickly and accurately.

I need my other programs to work with Service Cloud. Can you set that up?

Yes, we can identify integration opportunities and suggest tools. For example, we can integrate your CRM, billing, and accounting systems with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Who trains my team? What about recurring training for new hires?

Great question! Training is a big factor in ensuring your organization’s success with Service Cloud. You’ll see a faster ROI when you have well-trained and knowledgeable users.

Customer support agents will use Service Cloud differently than other groups will. We can develop a customized program for each team. Service Cloud can also be adapted to fit your organization’s needs and learning styles. Training can be in-person classes, reference materials, videos, or a combination.

How can I get more out of Service Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

We can make suggestions based on your requirements and needs. Some possibilities may include existing third-party apps, custom Salesforce development, and Salesforce integrations. Clients often ask us for recommendations and help with implementation.

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