Faster Order to Cash Process-Sales Growth with Jugnu ERP

The order to cash process encompasses the financial and business processes that link buyers and suppliers when they work together. It starts when buyers and suppliers connect to transact business and ends with the financial processes that close the deal.

The three main objectives where JUGNU ERP contributes to achieve are sales volume, contribution to profits and continuing growth. It is important to simplify your order to cash cycle with JUGNU ERP to increase the volume, profit and continuing growth.

JUGNU order-to-cash solution that provides capabilities for customers, partners and employees to select the right products and services, negotiate the best prices and ensure a timely fulfilment in different scenarios of one or multiple sales orders, single or multiple dispatches and one or multiple invoices.

An effective organisation structure would help organising sales and achieve targets and goals; Logo JUGNU helps each single end user with or without full access rights to configure his own reporting needs including formula based representation without any support of IT.

JUGNU records customer information such as customer GST details, address, communication information and sales representative details. It also maintains list of existing sales person and tag it individually with particular customer. This will help management in coordinating and directing the responsibility and work to proper channels to achieve targets.

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