Distribution Network Management Software

One of the biggest challenges of a distributors network is to implement tens to hundreds of distributor’s ERP Systems. Logo-VIRA DNMS only requires one implementation and it automatically implements all Distributor’s ERPs identically without any distributor number limitations.

  • Distributors Network Management System is an integrated solution covering Distribution, ERP for distributors and Operational CRM
  • Logo-VIRA DNMS design is based on best practices, deployed by world’s biggest FMCG companies, and those who have the largest and most complex sales and distribution network
  • Logo-VIRA DNMS is a packaged solution that brings in all those experiences, and ready to use
  • DNMS Functions include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Sales forecasting and demand planning
  • Marketing budget management
  • Delivery planning and Management
  • Route planning, optimization and management
  • Sales team management
  • Sales target /Incentives management
  • Business intelligence analytics and reporting
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