Salesforce Services

At Pegasys we start by evaluating your existing business practice and objectives. Our implementation process, including setup, configuration, and customization, has been perfected by years of experience with Salesforce implementations.

A Salesforce implementation can be complex. With over 100+  projects completed, Pegasys’s experienced professionals can help you ensure a successful Salesforce implementation.
Our typical implementation project starts with a Discovery phase where we gather requirements from the customer, and based on those requirements, an implementation plan is created. An implementation includes, among others:

  • User and Organization setup
  • Pipeline Management (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Contracts, Orders etc.)
  • Campaign Management
  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Configuration
  • Price books & Catalogs
  • Data Import & Migration
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Forecasting
  • Training & Adoption

Full vs. Quick Start Implementation
Our Full implementation is handled as a project where we gather customers’ needs and do an implementation that is customized to their needs. Quick Start implementations have a fixed scope, mainly due to the fact that they are designed to be completed in a short time frame. Depending on the Salesforce edition, number of licenses and the extent of customizations needed, an Pegasys account representative can suggest the best path for you.

Pegasys, with its extensive development experience on Salesforce and, can help you with your Salesforce development needs. Our development teams work with an agile development model, designed to produce quick results and lower cost. Our development services include:

  • Development of Visualforce Web Pages
  • Creation of Triggers
  • Modification of Existing Apex/Visualforce Code
  • Apex Web Services
  • Scheduled/Batch Apex
  • More . . .

We also work with the following supported Salesforce Platform Technologies:

  • Salesforce Mobile – Implementation & Development
  • AppExchange – Application Development & Support
  • Heroku Enterprise – Application Development
  • Salesforce Lightning

Upon completion of development, we will provide production deployment assistance and also assist with any post-production issues to make every project a success.

Pegasys provides comprehensive integration services such as strategy, development, and management to facilitate uninterrupted flow of information from cloud to cloud, premise to premise or from cloud to premise platform.

Salesforce automates business processes by integrating Salesforce applications with third-party ERP applications; application integration provides a unified view of multiple business applications or of new and legacy systems.
Business Use Cases:
Our typical implementation project starts with a Discovery phase where we gather requirements from the customer, and based on those requirements, an implementation plan is created. An implementation includes, among others:

  • ERP/Accounting
  • Payment Gateway
  • e-Commerce/Point of Sale (POS)
  • Database (SQL Services, Oracle, etc.)
  • 3rd Party Apps/APIs
  • Legacy/In-House Apps

Depending on the client’s needs we work with integration providers like Jitterbit, BizTalk, Boomi, Cast Iron, Pervasive and TIBCO or write custom integrations with API calls.

As a trusted Salesforce consultant with over 100+ projects completed, you can now also avail our services remotely! Our certified remote resources are perfectly capable of handling all your Salesforce needs!

A remote admin is a dedicated/shared resource working remotely to ensure responsive maintenance and support of your Salesforce instance. All of our Remote Admins are Salesforce ADM 201 certified resources that will be able to handle all of your routine Salesforce administration needs. Depending on the number of user licenses and the amount of admin work you expect, you have a choice of engaging a shared or a dedicated resource.

Our Remote Admin Services include:

  • Basic system administration tasks (Add/Remove/Change users, permissions, passwords)
  • User assistance, training & support
  • Understand user needs and make requested changes
  • Workflows
  • UI/Layouts
  • Custom Fields, Objects
  • Applications
  • Process Builder
  • Data migration & cleansing
  • Reports and dashboards
  • AppExchange package installation and maintenance
  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Pardot

A remote developer is a dedicated/shared resource working remotely to help you with your Salesforce development and/or coding tasks. All of our Remote Admins are Salesforce DEV 401/Platform Developer I/ Platform App Builder/Platform Builder/App Developer certified resources that will be able to handle all of your Salesforce development and coding needs. Depending on the amount of anticipated work, you have a choice of engaging a shared or a dedicated resource.
Our Remote Development Services include:

  • Basic development tasks (custom applications, objects, fields, buttons etc.)
  • Development tasks that require coding (Visualforce pages, Apex Classes, Triggers etc.)
  • Advanced development
  • Working on AppExchange product development tasks
  • Schedule Apex, Batch Apex, Lightning Components
  • Apex services
  • API integration with external systems
  • Others
  • Payment Gateway integration.
  • Email integration
  • Visualforce pages with Angular JS etc.
  • Jitterbit, Boomi etc.

A remote team is a dedicated team working remotely to help you with your Salesforce development, administration and managed services requirements. All of our resources are Certified Salesforce Dev 401/Platform Developer I/Platform App Builder/ Admin 201/QA that will be able to handle all your Salesforce development, coding, administration and managed services’ needs. Team combinations –can be combinations of any of the following:

  • Developer(s)
  • Administration QA(s)
  • Consultant(s)
  • Project Manager
  • Dev, QA, Shared Project Manager

Our Remote Team Services include:

  • All standard Salesforce development
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Managed services

Pegasys’s Administration & Support services are designed to help customers that need help maintaining/managing their salesforce org. pegasys’s trained team of Salesforce certified Administrators, Developers and Consultants can help you with the following:

  • Answer/Help with your Salesforce related questions
  • Add/remove/update – user/profiles/roles
  • Manage security settings – who can access what, login controls, forgotten passwords, etc.
  • Email templates
  • Create/modify Reports and Dashboard
  • Create/modify object layouts – standard/custom objects
  • Create/modify list views
  • Data management – Import/Export/Cleanse
  • Create new fields, etc
  • Install/configure apps from AppExchange
  • Workflow/approval process, process builder flows
  • Salesforce1 configuration
  • Visualforce pages
  • Apex coding including triggers
  • 3rd party web services integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • ERP/Accounting system integration
  • Web-to-lead, Email-to-case, Email-to-lead
  • Automated Email processing
  • Lightning components
  • More..

With our headquarters located in Northville, Michigan and a global development facility in Hyderabad, India, we offer a choice of delivery models based on client requirements, nature of the assignment and the services being delivered.
Dedicated Team

A team or an individual, trained on your systems and environment, will be assigned to you. This team will be working on projects/tasks that you assign to them within the scope of the engagement. Teams can be made up of Developers, QA or Administrators (Salesforce), and assigned to development and/or support work.
Shared Team

When there is not enough work to keep an entire team occupied, a shared team is an option. Typically, an individual trained in your systems and environment will be assigned to you. This team will be working on projects/tasks that you assign to them within the scope of the engagement. Teams can be made up of Developers, QA or Administrators (Salesforce), and assigned to development and/or support work. Since it is a shared team, turn-around times for tasks will be slower than that of a dedicated team.
Block of Hours

For those instances where there isn’t enough regular work, you can buy a block of hours and use them over a period of time. The hours expire if unused for an extended period of time. Details of this model vary by the size of the block and the nature of the work. Contact an Pegasys account representative for more details.

For customers that have a well-defined project with a fixed scope, Pegasys can provide a project team to work on that project.

We provide project-based estimates including time, effort, and a fixed cost. This approach is ideal for small projects that have a well-defined and fixed scope. Weekly customer demos ensure on-track development while all scope changes are carefully controlled to maintain costs.
Offsite (Global Development Center)

A skilled development team is dedicated to the client’s project. Based on the agile development methodology, this model allows maximum flexibility and is ideal for medium to large projects since it has defined scrums with definitive scope, cost, and duration.
Blended (Offsite & Onsite)

Suitable for projects that need on-site coordination and management by Pegasys staff, this model places a team/representative from Pegasys at the client’s location to coordinate the day-to-day activities, oversee offshore delivery and facilitate communication between the offshore team and the client stakeholders.

Salesforce Expertise

Close More Deals and Boost Productivity with Sales CloudThe future looks bright. Numbers are up, and the sales team is running on all cylinders. Truly, business is growing and revenues are headed up and to the right. At the same time, you know there’s more opportunity just waiting — if only you could streamline the sales process, connect with more prospects and raise the closing percentage.

You’ve done all the right things:

  • Staffed the sales team with qualified people
  • Developed a sales process and trained the team
  • Invested in Salesforce Sales Cloud technology to support sales

What’s missing? What fine-tuning needs to be done to build momentum and meet — even exceed — sales goals?

Companies looking for sales growth will benefit from Salesforce consulting services, working with experts who have deep experience in Salesforce. These experts work with salespeople to understand your sales strategy to create and implement a plan to streamline, automate, and enhance Sales Cloud for every step of the sales process.

Perhaps the sales team may not know what’s possible with Salesforce. Or the tech team may not know what tweaks to make in Sales Cloud to enhance the sales process.

There’s no reason to go another quarter wondering if you’ll make goal. You can increase Sales Cloud productivity in just two steps:
Step 1: Request a Sales Cloud Analysis

Our Salesforce consultants look at your full sales process and how Sales Cloud supports the process each step of the way. They map the process to Salesforce current best practices to uncover opportunities for increasing efficiency.

You’ll get a report with recommendations that streamline the entire process, add automation where it’s needed, and simplify the work for users. The report will include recommendations to:

  • Accelerate productivity: Identify workflows, alerts, and activities for automation.
  • Capture more leads: Assign leads, automate lead scoring, and import lead data in Salesforce.
  • Gain useful campaign information: Improve campaign management to get data on what’s working and not working.
  • Make informed decisions: Set up reports and dashboards to get the right information at the right time to track progress and make decisions.
  • Enhance pipeline management: Learn Salesforce current best practices on everything from managing leads and activities to documenting statuses and closing opportunities.
  • Accurate forecasting: Set up forecasting and outline training for the team on how to manage and use it.

Step 2: Implement Sales Cloud Recommendations

Our implementation team follows this proven process:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training

After implementation, you’ll see a jump in sales productivity, which leads to better results.
We Can Help You Discover More Ways to Improve Salesforce Productivity

In addition to Sales Cloud optimization, our consultants can help you with these Salesforce services:

  • Migrate to Salesforce: If you have data in a different CRM system, database or spreadsheets, our team will analyze, map, and import the data into Salesforce.
  • Integrate Salesforce: You can increase efficiency by integrating your other mission-critical systems with Salesforce. These include ERP, accounting, other cloud, and on-premise systems.
  • Customize Salesforce: Whatever your companies needs are, Sales Cloud can do a lot of things with customized apps, Visualforce pages, Lightning, Apex classes, and triggers.
  • Implement AppExchange apps:Salesforce Apps Exchange contains thousands of apps to help you blaze new trails.
  • Train your team: Save time and help employees to dive right in after Salesforce training. This helps employees use Sales Cloud to the fullest potential and delivers the biggest ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my current data?

We can migrate your data from its current platform — legacy databases, spreadsheets, and different CRM — and load them into Sales Cloud.

I need my other programs to work with Salesforce, can you set that up?

Yes, we can identify opportunities for integration and suggest tools to work with external systems, such as your accounting or warehouse management system, other cloud systems, or on-premise systems.

Who trains my team? And what about recurring training for new hires?

Training is crucial to your success with Sales Cloud. Well-trained and knowledgeable users quickly increase your ROI. We can create a personalized program for each group of users. The curriculum is based on your company’s needs and learning styles. Training can take the form of reference materials, in-person classes, videos, or a hybrid.

How can I get more out of Sales Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

If you need more functionality, we can make recommendations. You have many options, everything from adding an existing third-party app to requesting custom development. We have the resources to make recommendations and implement them.

Have a question or want to learn more? Contact us now.

Personalize Customer Service and Get More Business with Service CloudIn today’s marketplace, companies struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors. Even when a company has one clear advantage, competitors can win over customers by providing them with outstanding customer service and customer experience.

How can you make your customer service stand out? Salesforce Service Cloud customer service software can propel you ahead of your competitors.

Service Cloud software helps you deliver more personalized customer service experiences — the kind that puts a smile on the faces of your customers. And when customers are happy, they provide repeat business, and they tell others about you, which boosts sales.

At the same time, Service Cloud saves time, reduces costs, and multiplies productivity by:

  • Automating service processes
  • Connecting with customers across multiple channels
  • Allowing customers to use any device
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Helping you respond to customers faster

What Can Pegasys and Salesforce Service Cloud Do for Me?

As Salesforce integration partners, we study your business process to figure out how to streamline, automate, and simplify Service Cloud for your organization. We map your processes to Salesforce current best practices to create a customized package that gets you the best results.

After mapping is complete, you receive a report with recommendations on how to:

  • Speed productivity: Automate service department processes and activities.
  • Streamline ticket management: Covers entire process from loading to closing tickets. The workflow will automatically assign tickets and escalate based on business requirements.
  • Build knowledge base: A knowledge base is valuable, but not when it’s outdated or hard to find the right information. Users will solve problems faster with an efficient knowledge base.
  • Know important metrics: Management will have access to reports and dashboards with the right information to track progress and effectiveness in closing tickets.
  • Customize Service Cloud interface: You’re not required to use Salesforce’s default layout. The console can be adapted to fit your business process including case history, account and contact information, and call scripts.

We Can Help You Supercharge Your Customer Service with Service Cloud

In addition to optimizing Service Cloud, our consultants can help you with Salesforce development and services including:

  • Integrate Salesforce: Heighten productivity by integrating other business-critical systems with Salesforce. Your employees can quickly access accounting, ERP, and other cloud and on-premise systems when integrated with Salesforce.
  • Customize Salesforce and Service Cloud: Get the case management information you need. We can customize Case Types, Case Status, and other important information for case management based on your requirements.
  • Train employees: Effective training leads to a faster ROI and higher user adoption. You can request customized training content and format (book, face-to-face, etc.)
  • Enhance Salesforce: With thousands of apps available from Salesforce AppExchange, we can make Salesforce work harder, so you don’t have to.
  • Migrate to Salesforce: Don’t start from scratch or deal with mixed up data. We can analyze, map, and import data into Salesforce from different CRM systems, databases, and spreadsheets.

Marketplace success requires delivering an omnichannel customer experience. What does that mean? It means your customers can connect with you on any channel — mobile included — and expect the same level of service. Salesforce Service Cloud makes this possible, too.
Frequently Asked Questions

What about my current data?

Your data can be migrated from its current platforms, such as legacy databases, spreadsheets, and different ticketing system. We can migrate the data and load it into Service Cloud, quickly and accurately.

I need my other programs to work with Service Cloud. Can you set that up?

Yes, we can identify integration opportunities and suggest tools. For example, we can integrate your CRM, billing, and accounting systems with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Who trains my team? What about recurring training for new hires?

Great question! Training is a big factor in ensuring your organization’s success with Service Cloud. You’ll see a faster ROI when you have well-trained and knowledgeable users.

Customer support agents will use Service Cloud differently than other groups will. We can develop a customized program for each team. Service Cloud can also be adapted to fit your organization’s needs and learning styles. Training can be in-person classes, reference materials, videos, or a combination.

How can I get more out of Service Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

We can make suggestions based on your requirements and needs. Some possibilities may include existing third-party apps, custom Salesforce development, and Salesforce integrations. Clients often ask us for recommendations and help with implementation.

Don’t see your question here? Or want to learn more? Contact us now.

Deliver Relevant, Personalized Messages to Clients and Prospects with Marketing Cloud

Every company has an online presence. An up-to-date, responsive website is no longer enough to make your company stand out. Making a lasting impression, breaking from the pack of competitors, requires sending personalized, relevant messages to customers and prospects.

If the thought of automating inbound marketing sounds daunting, don’t worry: Salesforce Marketing Cloud simplifies the process for you. The software maps the customer journey to create personalized, one-to-one communications that move the customer to the next step in the journey.

Marketing Cloud delivers the right message at the right time on any channel by:

  • Personalizing your email marketing
  • Reaching customers with mobile messaging
  • Automating the social workflow
  • Creating journeys across channels
  • Providing useful data to create relevant content

What Can Salesforce Marketing Cloud and AppShark Do for My Organization?

As your Salesforce consultant, we take a look at your marketing process for ways to automate, integrate, and simplify Marketing Cloud for your organization. Next, we map your process to current Salesforce and marketing best practices. Then, we use all of the information to create a report and proposal.

Your personalized report will have recommendations on how to:

  • Streamline content creation: Set up static and dynamic templates for content and emails.
  • Capture more data: Build smart capture forms to collect data via landing pages.
  • Create segmented lists: Achieve your marketing goals by sending precise targeted messages to specific customer groups.
  • Simplify customer self-management: Build Customer Profile Center and Preference Center that allows customers to update their own information.
  • Automate marketing activities: Set up complex automations in Automation Studio to execute multiple steps on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis to move customers through the journey.

We Can Help You Amplify Your Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud

Not only do we optimize Marketing Cloud for your organization, our Marketing Cloud services can also help you:

  • Integrate Salesforce: If you want or have other Salesforce instances such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, those can be integrated with Marketing Cloud and other systems.
  • Migrate configurations: You can expect your set up to have all the same factors whether migrating from Marketing Cloud to another instance or vice versa.
  • Automate personalization: Get custom code for implementing personalization-related tasks.
  • Train employees: You’ll have higher user adoption and faster ROI when your employees receive effective training. Training can be customized for different formats, such as online or face-to-face.
  • Boost Marketing Cloud:
    HubExchange features thousands of apps that will have the software doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Marketing Cloud is powerful and feature-rich. To get a 360-view of every customer with this software, you need Marketing Cloud to be customized based on your business requirements and needs. You’ll accomplish more when you work with a team that lives and breathes Salesforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my current data?

Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, legacy databases, or CRMs, we can quickly and accurately migrate it to Marketing Cloud.

Is it possible to get other programs to work with Marketing Cloud?

After having a conversation with you about what you want to get out of Marketing Cloud, we can suggest tools and list things you can integrate, such as your CRM.

How can I get more out of Marketing Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

Let us know what functionality and features you need, and we’ll provide recommendations. Some of the things possible include existing third-party apps, custom Salesforce development, and Salesforce integrations.

How do I get my team trained? What about new hires?

Training plays a big role in ensuring your organization has high user adoption of Marketing Cloud. Having well-trained and knowledgeable users leads to a faster ROI. Pegasys can customize and provide the training based on your requirements.

What questions do you have? Or want to learn more? Contact us now.

Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Visualization to CRM

Do you want to:

  • Improve your business metrics?
  • Identify the causes of business outcomes?
  • Know what will happen next and what to do about it?

Salesforce Cloud apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can answer important questions about your metrics. AI simplifies things for users by providing intelligent search results, automated assistants, and personalized recommendations.

The valuable insights in Salesforce Einstein result from a combination of computing power, data, and algorithms embedded in the suite of products. Powering the brains of Salesforce Einstein are:

Einstein Analytics: Turn Data into Opportunities and Insights

You have tons of customer data pouring in from internal and external sources. The hard part is turning those numbers into information that tells a story … visually and quickly. Integrated with Salesforce, Einstein Analytics can transform your CRM data into a powerhouse of information. With Einstein Analytics integrated with Salesforce, you’ll gain these valuable insights:

  • Find new opportunities
  • Stop problems before they happen
  • Customize data analysis of business processes

Users will know what happened, why it happened, and what to do about it. If you use Sales Cloud or Service Cloud or Event Monitoring Unit, it will be easy to connect Einstein Analytics as they all integrate with Salesforce.

Make More Informed Decisions with Einstein Analytics

Users won’t need to fiddle with spreadsheets or write complex algorithms when using Einstein Analytics. Much more capable and comprehensive than legacy analytics, Einstein Analytics integrated with Salesforce helps organizations:

  1. Discover opportunities to act on: Data from internal and external sources unite in Einstein’s pre-built apps and dashboards. Upon receiving actionable information, you can assign tasks, close a case, and perform other Salesforce activities.
  2. Take action based on insight: Since Einstein is built-in with Salesforce CRM, you can create a task, share insights, and update information right in Salesforce. It saves you many steps.
  3. Collaborate more effectively: You can embed dashboards and reports to share with employees in other roles to give them the context they need to understand the insight.
  4. Access insights from anywhere at any time: Einstein Analytics is optimized for mobile for easy use and viewing. Users get a snapshot of the numbers that matter to them whenever they need it and can take the next step.

How Can Pegasys Help with Einstein Analytics?

Pegasys’s Salesforce experts work to understand your business process. After learning about your data and objectives, we’ll deliver an implementation plan that meets your goals and positively impacts revenue. We set up Einstein Analytics to ensure your teams gain valuable knowledge about your customers.  Employees will be able to get the needed information from customized dashboards that relate to their roles. Einstein Analytics offers multiple dashboards for a variety of roles including:

  • Sales reps
  • Sales managers
  • Customer service managers
  • Call center managers
  • Service agents
  • Admins
  • Leaders and managers

Here are examples of roles and the information employees can glean from Einstein Analytics:

  • Sales team gets a single dashboard with:
    • Pipeline changes
    • Lost/won ratio
    • Conversion times
    • Deal values
  • Sales managers see performance and pipeline trends to answer questions like:
    • Did we achieve quota?
    • What’s in the forecast?
    • Are there any changes needed in the forecast?
  • Service managers obtain data about team performance, call-center efficiency, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) in a single dashboard that lets them:
    • View number of open cases and status of each
    • Check for cases needing immediate attention
    • Identify owners of critical cases
    • Determine case assignment needs
  • Leaders and admins can see the usage, security, and compliance related dashboard for all Salesforce apps using Event Monitoring Analytics. You can see various dashboards such as:
    • Login trends per user
    • Downloaded records by different users
    • Usage trends
    • Pages users visit the most
    • Time spent on pages

Implementing your project involves a four-step process to maximize effectiveness and high user adoption:

  1. Configuration: Create permission sets, define user types, and assign permissions.
  2. Integration: Extract, transform, and import internal and external data to build dashboards based on requirements.
  3. Create role-specific dashboards: Set up dashboards to provide insights to end users based on their roles.
  4. Provide training: This is an integral step to high user adoption that ensures Einstein Analytics is successfully implemented across the organization.

The information the sales team needs is different from the information customer support needs. Einstein Analytics has the flexibility to tell the story users need to do their jobs well. No one will be bogged down by manual spreadsheets and confusing, irrelevant reports and dashboards. Contact us now to learn more about Einstein Analytics and how to make it a valuable resource in your organization.

Get Your Own Personal Data Scientist from Salesforce

Artificial intelligence (AI) does a great job slicing and dicing data to cook up insights. However, users cannot always act on the insights and facts because of the complicated way AI presents them. It leaves a gap between the analysis and taking action on it.

A data scientist can fill this gap. Many organizations do not have access to resources and expertise to turn these valuable insights into stories. Now Salesforce users can get the answers they need to apply to their business with their own personal “data scientist” through Einstein Discovery.

How Do I Benefit from Einstein Discovery?

With Einstein Discovery, Salesforce users can automate the analysis of data and get predictions without building complex algorithms. Einstein Discovery analyzes many data combinations in minutes. Then, it converts the insights and predictions into answers that users need to make decisions and take action.

With Einstein Analytics, users visually learn what happened and what has changed over time, but that tells only part of the story.

To get the full picture, Einstein Discovery answers these types of questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What could happen next?
  • What should be done about it?

For instance, with Einstein Discovery, the Sales Analytics app can evaluate thousands of deals. A sales manager can uncover significant factors that will have the biggest impact on closing a deal across products, regions, industries, and more.

What Kind of Data Analysis Does Einstein Discovery Perform?

Users need to know the answers to various “what” and “how” questions to make smart business decisions, and, they need a narrative to know which questions to ask.

Einstein Discovery performs the following types of analytics:

  • Descriptive: Examines incoming data to identify what is happening
  • Diagnostic: Reviews past data to figure out what happened and why
  • Predictive: Studies many scenarios to determine what might happen

Einstein Discovery is an AI-embedded tool that instantly analyzes tons of datasets. In a storytelling format, it answers all your business questions and the ones you did not know to ask.

Find Out What’s Possible with Einstein Discovery

If you’re ready to learn more about how Pegasys can help you get more out of Salesforce data, let’s chat.

Help Your Sales Team Sell Smarter

Every part of Salesforce gets smarter with Einstein as it contains artificial intelligence (AI) made specifically for the platform.

Adding AI to Sales Cloud Einstein means your sales team gets their own personal data scientist. Sales Cloud Einstein guides the sales team in all their activities — everything from identifying ideal contacts to highlighting the hottest opportunities.

How Organizations Benefit from Sales Cloud Einstein in Salesforce

If you would like your sales team to make more sales, give them tools that make time for more selling — and less data analysis. With Sales Cloud Einstein, sales pros will stop spending hours poring over endless amounts of data to find the top opportunities and leads because it automatically does that for every stage of the sales process.

Here is how Sales Cloud Einstein provides valuable predictions, recommendations, and insights for every phase of sales:

  • Einstein Activity Capture: Users regain time as this connects their emails and calendars to Salesforce. Any time an appointment appears in the calendar, it gets added to Salesforce. No more copy-paste or re-entering information in Salesforce.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Looks at past deals to predict and recommend the best ones to act on where leads are most likely to convert faster.
  • Einstein Opportunity Insights: Alerts the team when a deal is at risk or on track. It also provides best actions to take to speed the sales cycle and improve chances of winning the deal.
  • Einstein Account Insights: Keeps sales on top of customer news, M&A activity, and expansion updates. No one will lose precious time scouring the news about every customer to get valuable information that can enhance the relationship.
  • Einstein Automated Contacts: Reviews emails and appointments to identify new contacts and offer suggestions for automatically adding the contact’s records to Salesforce.
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring: Categorizes, highlights, and prioritizes the most valuable opportunities based on facts, such as deal size and executive engagement.
  • Einstein Forecasting: Makes precise, personalized sales forecasts by evaluating, processing, and understanding essential factors like seasonality and past performance.
  • Einstein Email Insights: Acts as an email assistant by finding the most important emails and recommending the best action to help the sales team prioritize their inbox and quickly handle client needs.

Together, all of these powerful features will boost sales productivity — when Sales Cloud Einstein is correctly configured and implemented.

How to Implement Sales Cloud Einstein in Salesforce

Simply implementing out-of-the-box Sales Cloud Einstein will not deliver the best results for your sales team. To achieve maximum performance and productivity, you need to adapt Salesforce to fit your organization, not the other way around.

At Pegasys, we follow this process to implement Sales Cloud Einstein to match the needs of your organization:

1. Review your business process: Our team works with your organization to understand how your sales team operates. This evaluation includes completing a readiness report.

2. Set up Sales Cloud Einstein: Using the business process as the groundwork, we optimize the configuration of Sales Cloud Einstein to meet your requirements and match your processes.

3. Get Einstein predictions: Einstein starts providing predictions, forecasts, and recommended actions.

4. Provide training and support: The successful implementation of the Sales Cloud Einstein demands training and post-implementation support. We work with your organization to verify competency, so everyone benefits from Salesforce Einstein.

With our help, Sales Cloud Einstein will work harder and smarter to help your sales team get their jobs done faster and efficiently.

Discover How Sales Cloud Einstein Can Make a Difference to Your Sales Team

If you’d like to see how Pegasys can implement Sales Cloud Einstein to give your sales team a competitive advantage, let’s chat.

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with Salesforce Community Cloud

The best companies stand out because of their customer service. You can enhance customer service with Salesforce Community Cloud. It makes it effortless to engage with the people who matter to your organization.

Community Cloud is a social platform for Salesforce that lets your organization connect, communicate, and collaborate with customers, donors, partners, and employees.

What Can Salesforce Community Cloud Do for My Organization?

Just by integrating Community Cloud seamlessly with Salesforce, you’ll transform all of your relationships.

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online portal that provides these benefits:

  • Saves time: Customers and partners can get answers quickly with publicly-posted questions and answers. Think of it as an interactive knowledge base.
  • Provides better customer service: Since the community contains answers to common questions, your customer support team can focus on more complex problems.
  • Engages customers: Your customers and partners can learn from each other by sharing ideas on how to make the most of your product or service.
  • Boosts productivity: Everything that’s shared in the community is easier to track and access than a bunch of emails filed in different places. Someone may have information in an email that no one else can access.
  • Grows sales: You and your partners will be able to share contacts, leads, and data. This prevents channel conflicts, provides partners with access to product experts, and permits you to share customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Allows access from anywhere: Community Cloud works with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Users can get the information they need, when they need it.

You have limitless possibilities as you can add these features to your community:

  • Self-registration
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Custom applications
  • Order management
  • Case escalation
  • Chatter collaboration
  • Salesforce Files

Build Engaging Communities with Salesforce Community Cloud

Whether you use community for sales, services, or both, we can customize it any way you want. Here are some things you can do with Community Cloud:

  • Build communities quickly: Your community can be created using many types of templates, such as Salesforce Tab + Visualforce, Partner Central, Lightning Bolt, and Napili for faster deployment.
  • Customize communities: Request customization for your community to reflect your branding, user interface, tabs, functionality, and other requirements.
  • Enhance content management: Optimize your community content with tag-based content search, content sharing based on rules, and license requirements.
  • Create a partner community: Using a template to build a community only gets you halfway there. We can maximize your community for collaboration, file management, and Chatter.
  • Develop Visualforce pages: Visualforce pages make it possible to create custom user interfaces. Our team can do this for communities with JQuery plugins and bootstrap.
  • Add a knowledge base: Customers like knowledge bases and articles because it helps them get answers to their questions quickly. We can build a user-friendly knowledge base to help your customers help themselves.

Once implemented, using and maintaining the community is effortless. Implementing it, however, is not. Get everything you need in your community with help from an experienced and certified Salesforce developer like those on our team. All your Salesforce requirements can become a reality with Pegasys’s Salesforce consulting and implementation services.

If you need things done that aren’t listed, please contact us with your requirements. Our Salesforce development team can customize the CRM software to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more out of Community Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

Salesforce Community Cloud offers many options, everything from integrating existing third party apps to custom Salesforce development. If you need more functionality or customization, we can make suggestions. We have experts who can make recommendations and implement them.

I need my other apps to work with Salesforce Community Cloud. Is this possible?

Yes, we can identify opportunities for integrations and suggest tools that work with other systems and apps. Such apps include accounting, finance, customer service systems, and another CRM.

Once implemented, what do we need to do to ensure everyone uses Salesforce and all of its features?

The companies most successful with Salesforce include training as part of the process. You’ll see a quicker ROI when you make sure your users receive proper training. We can develop and provide training based on your needs and learning preferences. Training can be in-person, references, videos, web-based, or a combination.

What about training for new employees?

Companies successful with Salesforce include training as part of the new employee on-boarding process.

What about the data we already have?

We can migrate your data from different platforms and import it into Salesforce Community Cloud. Data can be from spreadsheets, legacy databases, and other software.

Ask us any questions or to learn more, please contact us now.

Quote Fast, Grow Faster with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Send your revenue soaring to new heights by adding Salesforce CPQ to your sales team. It will automate quotes, manage pricing, and help close deals faster than you thought possible.

Sales teams can instantly customize orders by pulling the right combination of products across many possible variables. This is a critical feature especially for organizations with growing products and services offerings.

Finally! A way to simplify your pricing, discounting, and approvals processes.
What Can Salesforce CPQ Do for My Organization?
After integrating CPQ with existing Salesforce data, you’ll transform your quote-to-cash process. You’ll benefit from Salesforce CPQ integration in the following ways:

  • Save time: Sales will get fast and accurate customer-friendly quotes. It’ll save a lot of time in dealing with spreadsheets, emails, and data entry.
  • Boost billing accuracy: Salesforce automates the entire billing process from order through payment collection. It can connect to CRM, CRP, ERP, and finance systems.
  • Close deals faster: The streamlined process cuts down the tedious quoting-related tasks.
  • Sell the right products and services: Point-and-click based on what the prospect wants to get the perfect offering.
  • Make more sales: Using information about the customer, CPQ can identify opportunities for cross- and up-selling.
  • Simplify product selection: Complex pricing and product options are a thing of the past thanks to guided selling based on business rules and logic.
  • Renew effortlessly: Automatically generate renewal opportunities and quotes. No more missing a renewal or worrying about mistakes.

Revolutionize Your Pricing and Discounting Process

Salesforce CPQ can be configured and implemented in many ways. When you work with an experienced and certified Salesforce partner, your CPQ will be maximized for best results.

Here’s the process for implementing Salesforce CPQ in your organization:

  • Define business processes and KPIs: Technology needs well-defined processes to succeed. KPIs provide metrics to see how your organization is doing.
  • Review current systems: If you use a different system for quoting and have existing data, our team can make a plan to analyze, map, and import the data into Salesforce.
  • Identify integration needs: Based on your external system requirements, our Salesforce consultants propose tools and processes for integration.
  • Discuss customization options: After outlining your requirements, we make template, app, basic customization, trigger, and integration suggestions.
  • Create a report and proposal: This plan includes configuring page layouts and products, setting up Salesforce CPQ features and multiple pricing options, and identifying opportunities to boost productivity.
  • Implement Salesforce CPQ based on requirements: Once you approve the report and proposal, we move forward with Salesforce CPQ development and implementation.
  • Train users: With technology and processes in place, it’s important to take care of the third most important factor to ensure Salesforce success: people. You have various options for training, even training targeted to specific roles.

Pegasys is one of only 15 firms worldwide that rank as both Salesforce Silver and Product Development Partners. You’ll have access to a team of experienced Salesforce consultants and technical resources to transform your organization’s marketing, sales, service, and operations.

Ensure your Salesforce implementation is a success with Pegasys. Explore more Salesforce consulting services.

Contact us with your CPQ and Salesforce questions and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementation take?

On average, implementing Salesforce CPQ takes between 5 to 10 weeks. However, some customers have had theirs implemented in as little as two weeks. The timing depends on requirements and scope.

Can other programs such as CRM, CRP, ERP, and finance work with CPQ?

Yes. We can review your external systems to find integration opportunities and help with implementation. We can also suggest tools and processes for effortless integration.

How much administration and technical knowledge do we need to be able to manage Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is 100% native to Salesforce. If you have staff who can administer Salesforce, they will be able to manage Salesforce CPQ. If you’re not familiar with Salesforce, we can help you get quickly acquainted.

Align Sales & Marketing to Convert More Leads with Salesforce Pardot

Be like Pardot customers who, on average, have seen …

  • 34% increase in sales revenue
  • 37% increase in marketing campaign success.

Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation platform that turns prospects into customers and customers into loyal evangelists. With Pardot, you can create effective marketing campaigns that generate high quality leads and shorten the sales cycle.

Salesforce is already a rock star for the sales team. Now unite sales and marketing with Pardot, and they’ll speak the same language. No more going back and forth between two or more systems. No translator needed. Get it all in one system.

Pardot’s mantra says it all: “Do more, stress less.”

What Can Salesforce Pardot Do for My Organization?

You’ll benefit from Salesforce Pardot in the following ways:

  • Regain time: Marketing automation saves many steps in creating effective marketing campaigns.
  • Get more leads sales-ready faster: Automating lead nurturing frees up resources and puts leads on a nurturing program that keeps your company top of mind.
  • Build better campaigns: Monitoring and metrics provide useful data to improve marketing campaigns.
  • Calculate marketing ROI: Know which programs are crushing your revenue goals by tracking campaign performance with customizable dashboards.
  • Engage prospects: Spend more time on creating higher quality content that gets results and less on processes and data management.
  • Gain 360-degree view of customers and prospects: Build stronger relationships by sending the right information at the right time.

When you download an app for your device, you get one that runs on your operating system. When you use Salesforce, doesn’t it make sense to use a powerful marketing automation system that speaks the same language? Pardot is the only one that speaks Salesforce.

Transform Your Sales and Marketing Processes

You’ll want to take full advantage of the many powerful tools and features in Salesforce Pardot, so it makes sense to get help configuring and customizing your system. Free your resources, get up to speed faster, and see results sooner with help from an experienced and certified Salesforce partner like Pegasys.

You’ll have access to a team of Salesforce consultants with the resources to transform your organization’s marketing and sales. We’re one of only 15 firms worldwide that rank as both Salesforce Silver and Salesforce Product Development Partners.

Here’s the process to implement Salesforce Pardot in your organization with Pegasys’s help:

    • Discovery: Review your marketing strategy and marketing tools. Discuss pain points, issues, and future marketing goals.
    • Plan and design: Configure applicable connectors, complete customizations, and create users.
    • Technical setup: Implement website tracking, create vanity tracker domain for links, and implement email authentication to maximize email delivery.
    • Integrate Salesforce CRM: Install Pardot, map Pardot and Salesforce fields, sync with select Salesforce users, and migrate pre-existing leads from Salesforce.
    • Training: Technology and processes can only do so much. Training employees is a critical aspect to rolling out Pardot. Training can be in-person, online, or based on a training guide with resources.
    • Support: Verify everything works as planned and troubleshoot as needed.

Completing this proven process and conducting training ensures your Salesforce Pardot implementation succeeds and your team starts using Pardot to the fullest right away.

Check out the other Salesforce consulting services available to you. Contact us with your Salesforce questions and requirements.

Custom Development

Application Integration

In a company, coordinating different business applications, each with its own data and information repository, can sometimes pose a major challenge. At other times, it becomes difficult to maintain compatibility between new applications and existing systems.

At Pegasys, we offer comprehensive application integration services backed by a robust management strategy that effectively binds all parts of the integration process and promotes cohesiveness between conflicting applications.

From strategy to deployment and long-term maintenance, our integration practice is driven by the need to provide analysts a unified view of all reporting information through our Application Integration services such as:

  • Microsoft application integration
  • Salesforce application integration
  • HubSpot integration with Salesforce
  • Marketo integration with Salesforce
  • Salesforce1 integration
  • Web and social media integration
  • Custom CRM and marketing automation integrations

Our expertise has been honed over years of successful integration projects and deployments using powerful integration tools such as:

  • Jitterbit
  • BizTalk
  • Cast Iron
  • Dell Boomi

We not only use Web Services APIs, if necessary, we develop custom integration solutions for our clients that are on schedule and on budget.

Data is the life-blood of an enterprise and since an organization is composed of different business processes, each with its own source for storing and accessing data and information, it is imperative to combine the different repositories.
Pegasys’s data integration and migration services can help you engineer a strong data integration and migration strategy:

  • Batch and real-time integrations
  • Data cleansing and reconstruction
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading
  • On-premise or in the cloud transfer

Our experience stems from countless integration and migration projects and whether you need to provide users in your organization a unified view of data for intelligent decision making or migrate data to a new environment, we can help you achieve it.

Prompted by changing business needs and the advent of cloud technology, most businesses have made the shift from traditional data centers to cloud and multi-device accessibility.

Businesses today require proprietary and business-specific applications not provided by old legacy apps such as VB6, Cobol, old .NET,ASP, old Java, Delphi and others. AppShark’s development teams are specially trained to convert such legacy apps to current .NET standards, add HTML5 for mobile access and deploy them on the cloud. Our services include:

  • Development Platform upgrade (windows legacy apps to .NET)
  • Platform migration (non-windows legacy apps to .NET)
  • Consolidation of various small, related applications
  • Roll-up of small applications to enterprise computing systems

An effective migration drives down the total cost of ownership while increasing performance and operational efficiency. Our services are designed to evaluate your existing applications, propose the necessary upgrades and effect a successful transition through:

  • Conversion of legacy applications including Legacy Access, Visual Basic, old Java, Cobol, Delphi and early versions of .NET to current .NET
  • Consolidation of multiple applications into one powerful application
  • Addition and development of new features and specifications
  • Addition of mobile capabilities using native or non-native HTML5
  • Deployment of cloud in various high-availability configurations
  • Management and maintenance of the applications

We also have extensive experience in working with cloud through, Google Collaboration Platform, Microsoft Azure, and public and private cloud services.

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