CRM for Seed Companies

CRM for the Seed Companies & Distributors (Customer Relationship Management) unlocks your information potential by adjusting your procedures, interfacing your frameworks, and combining the knowledge of your sales business, marketing, administration service, and finance departments.

Unlike basic spreadsheets, CRM creates a 360-degree perspective of your data to engage & empower your sales team, ignite your marketing efforts & advertising endeavors, organize your service department, and streamline your financial planning.

With CRM you can:

  • Capture customer/lead information
  • Onboard sales reps faster
  • Track purchasing histories
  • Build customized marketing lists
  • Perceive customer cases
  • Recognize buying trends
  • Monitor sales activities
  • Automate processes
  • Identify opportunities
  • Sales Rep activity tracking
  • Year-to-Year buyer activity
  • Smart follow-up and reminders
  • Support case mgmt & tracking
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Email campaigns
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